Tuesday 18 August 2009

Running coming along

...though I felt terrible afterwards yesterday. Up to 2.76 miles now, 5 weeks after never having run before so that's pretty good I think. It took 29 minutes, but then it was -hot- and I was carrying a rucksack with about 3kg in it. Sunday's run was better in many ways; 25 minutes for 2.6 miles (no rucksack and cooler). *ramble* Anyhoo, got another two 2.75 mile runs this week, then up to 3 miles next week, which is pretty much 5K and I'm there.

Really really need to see my body fat % measurement at the moment, but only if it's gone down of course. Need -something- to tell me I'm doing OK with all of this. People don't count at this stage, because they've always got some agenda for saying whatever they're saying; nobody is 100% objective. I emailed my trainer last night to ask if the machine at the gym is fixed yet, but I guess she won't see that until tonight.

Thinking about what to have for dinner...


  1. ooh, well done on your running, it's definitely coming along!

    oh and I agree, running with a rucksack sucks, I do it occassionally but it's not much fun, especially given how much I sweat - eww!!

  2. Thanks :o)

    The rucksack thing is so annoying, but I have to get my work clothes and shoes and other associated crap home somehow. There's gotta be a batter way to do it, but I'm damned if I can work it out. (nowhere to store stuff at work overnight, plus I'd have to walk through the office in my running gear(!), so I can't just leave it all and take it home on the days I'm not running)