Monday 10 August 2009


My form in the lunges is much better now, but I'm still much weaker on the right than the left, which is not odd given that although I'm right handed, my left leg is dominant. Lat pulldowns form is also much much better. That said, I have the shakes after that little session in the gym. Yes, I had a proper breakfast (21% of today's calories!) and I had a high protein/carb snack 45 minutes before I went to the gym. I just had a protein shake now that I'm back from the gym, so maybe that will help. That or the mug of tea I'm about to get ;o)

My heart rate monitor says 373kcal for the session; WLR says 209 (10 minutes x-trainer - no intensity specified, 10 minutes stepper - no intensity specified and 20 minutes "toning exercises"). The latter is clearly wrong even with background calories taken into consideration, but I'll stick to that to calculate exercise kcal for the day (running should be another 250kcal or so later).

Had a little chat with my trainer (not seeing her for a session for another couple of weeks yet) and mentioned I'm up to pretty much 25 minutes running now, so she's now going to add a running intervals option into my routines for next time. Heh. I can't run fast; my legs turn into wobbly piles of jelly almost instantly! (Yeah, I thought I couldn't use the cross-trainer and now look at me! :oD)

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