Thursday 27 August 2009

Little run.

As part of making sure I don't knacker myself ahead of Saturday's race, I did decide to do the optional fast, short run today. I did 15 minutes (rather then 30) and at just over 1km/h faster than usual. Heart rate went pretty high, but I didn't feel utterly dead for more than a couple of minutes afterwards - when I do 28-30 minutes I tend to feel crap for at least 5 minutes afterwards. It was a bit hot to be running, but nice to be out without a stupid rucksack on. Still not 100% confident about doing 5K on Saturday, mostly because I've not really got accurate measurements for any of the runs I've done to date so I'm worried they've all been shorter than I think they are.

My arms, stomach, chest and shoulders still ache from yesterday's first full run-through with the new weights routine. This should make me feel good and that I worked hard enough, but the scales are making me think otherwise. I'm almost tempted to go back to what I know for a couple of months to get a grip on my weight to where I want it to be; 1100kcals a day and no structured exercise (walking about a lot, but no gym or running). I know from experience that works for me. I'm not confident that anything that's estimating my exercise calories is even remotely right; I've been erring on the side of the lower numbers in WLR compared with my HRM and still I'm not losing anything so I'm not sure about eating my exercise calories at all. I'm not happy about all of this water retention post-exercise etc., I don't understand it and I don't know if that's what's happening with me or not. I don't understand what's going on with my will-power at weekends and this coming bank holiday is going to be a total write-off.

I have to think about my options: go back to what I know about losing weight (not ideal, but it works); stop recording exercise in WLR and thus not eat exercise calories (but make sure to fuel at the right times, which means not eating an evening meal with my husband which does distress me a little, or modifying my evening meal by cutting out the carb part) or something else.

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