Tuesday 18 August 2009


Tired. Fed up with all of this, but soldiering on.

Exercise - cross-trainer intervals plus reverse crunches and side crunches with an 8kg ball

B - Cheerios with semi-skimmed milk
S - Nakd bar (Banana bread)
S - protein shake
L - spinach, pea, tomato, avocado, caper, fake feta and walnut salad
S - protein bar and 3 tangerines
S - banana
D - 2 whole eggs and 4 egg white omelette with onion, mushroom, ham and tomato, and Philadelphia extra light smeared on top

Calories (kcal) 1710
Protein (g) 150.7 (35.9%)
Carbohydrate (g) 140.6 (31.4%)
Fat (g) 61.1 (32.7%)
Fruit & Veg 10.4

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