Wednesday 26 August 2009

No movement

50g lighter than yesterday (which really doesn't count). Got my first solo session with my new weights routine today... bit worried about it as it's a bit complicated in places. Also I have a dilemma with running due to being foolish yesterday. Running this week should have been Mon, Wed and a 5K "race" on Saturday, but I was dim and ran Monday and Tuesday but Tuesday was a shorter run than I shold be doing at the moment. So, I'm too fatigued to run the full 30 minutes today and I desperately want two days off before the race on Saturday. Not sure what to do about it.

Exercise - weights plus 15 mins cardio to warm up and cool down

B - Cheerios with semi-skimmed milk
S - Banana and Strawberries
S - Protein shake and some roasted red pepper and tomato soup
L - tomato, spinach, black olive, caper and tuna salad with lemon juice and black pepper
S - Nakd bar (Berry Cheeky) and tangerines
D - warm goats cheese salad (with lettuce, tomato, walnuts and sweet pepper) and a slice of granary bread

Calories (kcal) 1609
Protein (g) 122.7 (31%)
Carbohydrate (g) 161.4 (38.3%)
Fat (g) 53.9 (30.7%)
Fruit & Veg 11.6

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